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Spiral Flute 15° Taps

Akhil Traders

Spiral Flute 15° Taps

Akhil Traders spiral fluted taps in 15° to various standards like ISO, DIN, etc. These taps are suitable for blind hole applications for steel of tensile strength ranging from 1000 upto 1300 N/mm2.

Further, we can also make these taps in Powder Metallurgy grade, which can work on steel of tensile strength from 1300 upto 1600 N/mm2 , such as spring steel, hardened wear resistant steel, maraging steel, etc. These taps can also work on chilled cast iron 400-600HB and titanium, commercially pure, and titanium alloys above 730 N/mm2.

We can also provide special geometry 15° spiral fluted taps suitable for making various cast iron components.